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IOF National Workshop 2016

In Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

IOF as the Principal Organization of the off-road activities in Indonesia, which governing 376 clubs and communities, and 2,271 active members, have delegated the mandate to 33 Regional Offices to participate in this annual gathering. This annual conference is to strengthen the communication between the Central and regional offices, brotherhood and a face to face meeting among the key personnel in the regions and central offices.

The IOF National Workshop 2016 is also to share experiences and knowledge.  As for the content of the conference, among others are …

– Report of accomplishment for 2016

– Financial report

– Activity report from every division

– Declaration of Strategic partners, Volunteer and Sponsors (BNPB, Basarnas, PT SOG, Mitsubishi Motors)

Each of the opinion, contribution and feedback are captured and compiled in the outline of the manual organization book for the IOF, and regulations in each divisions and type of activities (ie. Organization, Legal, Sports, Environment, Social and Rescue, Training, as well as Research and Development). The process of discussion covering all subjects in the annual workshop were done via commission assembly rooms, prepared by the steering committee and facilitated also by the steering committee under the leadership of IOF Chairman, Mr. Askar Kartiwa.

Following this annual workshop, the improvement process will be done by each division at the Head Office level. The result will be applied in the following year, including the calender of event for 2017.  As agreed, the next IOF National Workshop in 2017 will be held in beautiful Manado, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

See you in 2017 in Manado !



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